Skipping Stones

“‘Finding just the right shape is the key.” Nellita’s memories of dad included a variety of personal moments. Spending a day at Lake Picnic, she could hear his voice again like it was yesterday. In reality, fifty years had evaporated.

Recalling sweet times brought sorrow along for the ride. “He died too soon. My little sister has no memories of our dad. And he was a great dad.”

She bent over and selected a stone her father would have specifically chosen. Smooth on one side, round, and it had to fit into her hand comfortably. Scheming for the perfect wave coming towards the shore, Nellita drew her right arm back. With as much strength that she could retrieve, she watched the hand at the end of her arm fling the stone toward the lake.

The distinct plop of the rock dropping into the water a mere four feet in front her brought her thoughts back to the current time. “He’s gone. And Parkinson’s has stolen my strength.”

“I thought those days would last a life time,” her grieving emotions ached to hug her dad one more time.

Come to Higgins Valley Moments and skip stones with Nellita. She needs you.

Skipping stones with dad, just one more time, please.

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