A Lake by Any Other Name

When the settlers first came, they talked about keeping the town away from the lake front. The words handed down through the decades included the need to maintain a place away from daily routines so anyone could come and just enjoy the water.

Then as the years passed by, there came those who donated significant funds to keep the park well maintained. But with all due respect to those generous families, the name Quadzoukle Lake just did not stick.

So, the town people simply came to refer to it as the “lake with the picnic place.” Others would say the “picnic place by the lake.” But when the pastor’s three year daughter mentioned they were going to Picnic Lake, it was then that the park had a name.

Does it make sense to those who come to visit? Who cares? The park is just right. The shallow beach provides swimming for lessons and entertainment. The picnic grounds offer the exquisite location to enjoy summertime. The nearby sand dunes add to the serene venue.

If you choose to laugh, then the people of Higgins Valley invite you come and enjoy. . . Picnic Lake.

Picnic Lake