Waiting. . . for nothing to happen

Olyvia married only one year out of high school. By the age of twenty-one she had two little daughters. Before her twenty-second birthday she was a widow.

Fast forward the years of raising two girls as a single parent. Going back to school to become a nurse so she could support her family financially exhausted her life during her twenties. Working, being a mom, and watching friends take turn get married filled her life.

However, her days were anything but full. A pervasive emptiness whispered in her ears. She would lay in bed alone. She watched her married friends share tasks with their partners. She could not have known that her time as a wife would be so limited, until it was over.

Decade by decade she believed someone new would walk into her life. “Single no more,” she would close her eyes and wish with each birthday candle year after year.

Then she watched her girls marry. “It’s OK that I won’t get to have a ‘daddy/daughter’ dance,” she listened to her daughter chat with a friend. Olyvia’s heart broke once again. If only she had remarried, her daughters could have had a new dad.

A reason to marry is far more complex than just filling a vacant job description. She was anxious for someone, but not if it meant sacrificing the lifestyle she shared with her young girls. If they were to have a father, he had to be just like Zach. Maybe that was part of the problem.

What man could ever be compared to her dream partner? She had married her childhood sweetheart. Obviously, she could not go back in time. Someone new in her life, would not have been her friend during all those years.

So, now facing retirement, Olyvia stands alone. Regrets? For sure. Regrets for what never happened. But relief for relationships she and her daughters did not endure. Two sides. One life.

She could not help but say to herself, “I have waited all these years. . . for nothing.”

In Higgins Valley, memories keep happening. What happens next for Olyvia and her daughters? Just wait.

Alone. . .

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