Alzheimer’s: I Remember. . .

I can still see my father’s heartfelt eyes, “My daughter is working with Alzheimer’s and I am working on getting it.” He had seen previous family members demonstrate typical memory loss that Alzheimer’s inflicts.

At that time, I was working as the Resource Clinician for a satellite clinic. Alzheimer’s was the primary diagnosis we were following. Watching other families react to the “A” word broke my heart. But nothing compared to observing my parents walk the personal journey of memory loss.

Sometimes having multiple perspectives provides more depth of compassion. I do believe that was true in my case. But that did not make it any easier. As my father’s cognition declined, I could not separate my emotions from the tears of other daughters as the grieved the “disease of a thousand good-byes.”

Ultimately, my personal journey motivated me to write “Don’t Forget Your Hat.” If you are looking for a story about a family living the Alzheimer’s life, this book is learning tool. Many have needed to invent survival tactics that numerous families have already learned. “Don’t Forget Your Hat” offers support and practical solutions for Alzheimer’s families as well as for support groups.

Additionally, my years in theater taught how powerful stage can educate a community. I have included a simple play in the back of book for support groups to use to for the purpose of educating others. Be prepared for tears and laughter when people walk down the Alzheimer’s trail.

Don’t Forget Your Hat” is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. (By the way, instructions for knitting the hat. . . are also included.)

Ella’s favorite pattern. She never forgot!

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