Introducing: The Author

I think I need to tell others who I am. My daily life is walking with fibromyalgia. Although, there are some days I can hardly walk at all.

Nursing life was not only my job, it was my identity. Still is. Compassion, listening, explaining medical procedures in understandable terms gave my career purpose. I thought I would work until I chose to retire.

But that did not happen. Financing clinics in healthcare has become a quandary. The Geriatric Assessment Clinic I managed closed with over six hundred open cases. I was devastated. Finding employment when managers could see how challenging it was for me just to walk down the hallway ended my career.

So, I traveled in my mind back to the beginning. When I was eight years old I wrote my first play. Loved writing and theater all through school and even as a young adult. I wrote the start of numerous books before I was twelve years old.

Now, when my pain level allows, I write. Higgins Valley is a place based on my home town. Sorry, I.m not giving out any details. You can picture it’s location wherever you would like.

My characters are a conglomeration of many people I have known all my life. Many have medical diagnoses that lead the stories to a place where I know readers can hear their pain. Laughter also provides required relief when life just naturally happens.

The three main women are me. Not precisely; but they each have attributes and annoyances where I have struggled. But pushing the keys on my laptop I determine their journey, create their conflicts and their solutions.

I am no longer physically capable of working in a healthcare setting, but Higgins Valley Moments. . . .is where I live.

The very first flower I ever noticed/loved. . . Lilly of the Valley.
Many tiny white blossoms now paint the sidewalks in Higgins Valley.

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