Deep Water Perspectives

Nellita had been fearful to go swimming. Parkinson’s had robbed her of secure balance.

But in deep water, her perspective changed. As she ambled into waist deep water, support from falling came from all sides. The lake was not a challenge. It had become her friend. The gentle waves offered a sense of security.

Another treat swept by her legs. She looked down into the water. About three or four feet below the surface, a school of small fish swished past her.

The beach is safe and beautiful. But you cannot see the friendly fish from there. The shore has shifting sand. The beach had higher risks than deeper water to trip and fall.

Yes, it takes more work and willingness to tread into deeper water. But the benefits. . . savor the moment.

Higgins Valley Moments. . . where more beach walking invites readers to join the community.

Come into the water. . . you won’t know what’s there until you do.

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