The Cook: And Always will be

Nobody thought she would retire. And so she didn’t.

Lydia had been the school cook for over forty years. At the time she started, the older cook said, “I will teach you to cook. You will know everything there is to know.”

Wanda had cooked at the school for many years. She liked pleasing the students. It had become her highest reward when she would hear one of the children say, “Pasta day,” with all the delight an eight year old could declare.

The one thing she did not tell Lydia is that life happens unexpectedly. After only two months as assistant cook, the principal brought Lydia into his office. Her journey took a sudden new direction.

“I’m sorry to tell you this,” his words were gentle and remorseful.” “Wanda died her in sleep last night. Likely it was a heart attack.”

As soon as she heard the word heart attack, her own heart starting beating so loud she thought he could hear it. Ambling back to the kitchen, she cried. Then, she looked around the room. “I will do all I can to make her proud. The children deserve a cook as good as Wanda.”

Her talents did not blossom quickly. But in due time, the students declared their joy for pasta day. Now, many decades later, it was her turn. Not as a surprise event, but a planned retirement. The children were sad to see her go. But she taught her successor many details including the importance of student’s opinions.

However, Lydia still cooks, bakes cakes, and consults with the new cook when asked. But mostly, she will make anything to hear people offer statements of delight in her creations.

Stay tuned for numerous examples of Lydia’s wedding cakes and birthday baking in Higgins Valley Moments.

Retirement: the start of a new journey.

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