Facing Unbalance

What can be more serene than a walk along a lake shore. The rhythmic sounds of waves greet the sandy beach. The blue sky overhead paints a contrasting blue to a variety of green trees.

The soothing breeze dances across your face. Step by step, reassurance of life itself breathes fresh air into the stress of living.

Then with one precarious moment, the balance of nature is meaningless. Balance to maintain standing is lost. The helpless feeling of falling is accentuated with the realization of landing face down in the water.

Unable to catch another breath, freight was never so intense. Then strong arms swiftly raise the airless face toward the sky. An immense sigh of relief draws in oxygen as panic for air demands inhaling.

When you walk with Parkinson’s, fear of falling constantly nags at your attention. But in Higgins Valley, one thing is guaranteed. Sometimes, when you fall, you will stand up by the strength you have inside. Other times, there will always be a neighborhood of friends longing to assure your safety.

One way or another you can rest assured, “I will stand up again.”

Never. . . really. . . alone. . .

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