Frozen in Summer

Serene blue sky hovers over the multicolored waves of the lake. The green grass surround the blended beige sand of the beach. The warmth from the sun completes the setting. Summer, a season of reassurance and life.

Then a person tries to rise from their comfortable chair. But standing does not happen. After multiple attempts, the legs are straight. Now it is time to walk.

That first step needs to start. Just the right leg should step forward. It is time to start moving. Neither leg budges forward. Frozen in summer.

Parkinson’s disease has many challenges. It is simply not fair when the weather is warm and the setting is a picture of renewing splendor, one just cannot move. There are so many other symptoms to list when Parkinson’s invades people lives.

Individuals struggle to enjoy life but Parkinson’s imprisons them inside their own bodies. No matter how perfect the setting, fairness is chore. Frustration, embarrassment and anger face people daily. Sometimes, many times each day.

Learning to savor times like the scene by a lake offer a chance to appreciate moments. The warmth, the water and the waves are worth the effort to challenge freezing in summer.

Higgins Valley Moments has a lake, people, and times where learning to appreciate all they have is a way of life. . . stay tuned.

Summer. . . warmth for the tired spirit.

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