Alzheimer’s: One family’s journey

“Don’t Forget Your Hat” demonstrates one mom and two daughters as they face the many challenges of memory loss.

Denial, at first, is a typical response when Mom forgets things she had always remembered. But when finances become a crisis, the daughters must adjust their lives.

It is challenging when someone can no longer care for themselves. Complications elevate when they demonstrates no insight to their own limitations. Families must invent solutions to problems they had not foreseen. Cooking can be dangerous. However, the lost desert was almost too much to handle.

Finding others who had traveled the same path the daughters were treading was a bountiful blessing. One of the most amazing twists in their saga came from their mom.

That was when the hats started. Then mounded. And in the end, it was the hat that comforted the daughter more than words ever could.

DON’T FORGET YOUR HAT is a novel written by a nurse,Paula E. Gibeson, certified in gerontological nursing. Previously, Paula coordinated a research clinic for Alzheimer’s Disease. Additionally, her father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. She watched her own family walk the same journey she had witnessed so many others travel.

DON’T FORGET YOUR HAT is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Consider using this tool for support groups as well as families who currently have a loved one with memory loss.


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