Golden Independence: A Resource for Safe Seniors

Over sixty chapters detail how to remain safe while aging. Interventions for families of senior citizens offer solutions to issues of memory loss, falls, driving, and other health care concerns. Twenty chapters address personal care. Twenty chapters discuss behavioral challenges. The final twenty chapters outline how to improve home safety for seniors to remain in their own home safely.

This practical resource is full of subjects written by Paula E. Gibeson, RN-BC. With over thirty-five years of healthcare experience and certification as a gerontological nurse, Paula’s first hand experience offers explanations how to support dignity of aging individuals.

Personal Care Subjects include: bathing, bladder, driving, falls, feet, hearing/ears, communicating with doctors, laundry, living alone, medications, memory loss, mobility, monitoring finances, nutrition, pain, personal care, skin care, sleep, teeth, and vision/eyes.

Behavioral Topics include: apathy, agitation, anxiety, boredom, confusion, delusions, eating disorders, hallucinations, hiding things, hoarding, inappropriate social behaviors, insomnia, physically abusive, refusing care, refusing to change clothing, repetitive behaviors, sun downing, verbally abusive, wandering, and wanting to go home.

The areas of the home included in Section Three: Entrance, living room, dining room, home office, kitchen, bedroom, closets, bathroom, medication storage, laundry, craft corner, basement, deck, garage, and gardens.

GOLDEN INDEPENDENCE is available on Amazon and Barns & Noble.

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