Gretchen: And Family

The girls wandered the hillsides as youngsters, learned to read by sharing with each other, and even entered the world of “boys” with late night talks. All three of them were absolutely convinced they knew what their futures held.

Then life started to unfold. Nellita truly had believed she would marry. But she never did. Olyvia had not foreseen becoming at widow before the age of twenty-two years old. Gretchen believed she would marry in her early twenties and she did. She also had always wanted three children. Then they came.

How is it that the one of the threesome that appeared have walked the journey she had planned had actually traveled anything but a predictable pathway to get there?

Jeremiah was five years older than Gretchen, so by the time she was already over twenty, he was ready for marriage. Wanting a child right away made sense to both of them. However, after the second miscarriage, grief struck them harder they thought possible. After a few more attempts to conceive, they agreed it was time to pursue adoption.

As the years proceeded, their dream of a family unfolded. But each of those three stories is a journey unique in it’s own details.

Precious reminders of family life. . . how fragile it is.

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