Olyvia’s Story: A Nurse for all Seasons

Olyvia met Zach when she was in elementary school. Sweethearts all through their teen years. At the thought of marrying at nineteen, her parent’s discouragement gave her more determination to have her perfect wedding day.

When their first daughter arrived a year later, Olyvia thought she was living the plan she had seen for her life from the time she meandered the woods with her childhood friends.

Then only a year and half later, nothing seemed real. When she got the call from the hospital, her ears would not let her hear their words. Or perhaps she could hear words, but disbelief was too powerful to comprehend that she had just become a widow.

Even with a four month infant and a toddler, Olyvia’s twenty-second birthday was filled an emptiness. She strove to prove to others that she could take care of herself. Truthfully, it was an endeavor to convince herself she could survive.

Nellita came to her side often. Whatever her needs were, her life long friend was there. When Olyvia decided to go into nursing school, it was Nellita who made sure the little girls’ needs were met.

Now, all these years later, working for a doctor who himself had health issues, Olyvia was the one, again, doing whatever the moment asked of her to do. Caring for Dr. Goodson’s patients as well as his patient’s doctor, that was her job. Better stated, that was her privilege.

Yet, there was a one emptiness that Olyvia never chose to share. Not even her closest friends new the pain she felt daily.

Where will the next journey evolve?

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