Parkinson’s: Daily Challenges

Nellita was first diagnosed at about fifty years old. Eight years later, she could glace back and see symptoms that she thought were explainable.

“Are you nervous, too?” the mother of a bride had inquired. Nellita had designed and assembled bridal gowns for over thirty years. Why would anyone think she was nervous?

“My mom can help you with those pins!” Brides exhibit anxiety in many ways. She could tell stories that would fill a library. But really, does a professional seamstress need help with pins?

Then came the day when she herself noticed that her hand would not stop shaking. “What is going on?”

When her doctor mentioned the typical tremor of her right hand that Parkinson’s causes, her world stood still. Would she be able to keep her business? What about the customers she had already promised? What would happen to her if she could no longer sew?

Being single all her life, she had spent many sleepless nights wishing and dreaming for a husband of her own. Now more than ever she wanted a partner to depend on if she could no longer support herself financially.

Typically, Nellita found it challenging to admit her true feelings. Discouragement encompassed the heartfelt desire to have a partner now. She longed for loving support to face the emotional wall that the world of Parkinson’s had just painted in front of her.

Blossoms can only open one day at a time.

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